Yes, it just got personal! 


If you're a sole traderYou 'are' your brand

But let's be honest, you're not sure I'm worth spending money on...

it's ok I won't take it personally!


I know that the Big businesses I work with have healthy, readily available budgets set aside

for things like branding, whereas smaller businesses and us sole traders,


Thats why I created a brand that is an accessible asset to any size of business

Try to think of me less as a photographer and more as an investment

(or an absolute star, both work for me)

Your clients will most likely see you online before they meet you in person, so

what they see needs to be great!  People crave human relationships that make them feel good...even when we are choosing who to buy from or work with!

They want to see a person that they can relate to. 

Aww do I have to?!  

People are reassured when they feel that they know you.

They want to know your story and the person or people behind the scenes.


So if you tell your story with creative photos that are authentic and inspiring. Photos of you at work, your vehicle, process, products, news and events. 

Followers will become invested in the vision and passion that you hold for your business

and they will want to buy from you and importantly, will remain loyal to you.

Yes you can and should add the odd selfie of you doing amazing work things or with people you are working with or for, on your socials but low quality photos of your products and processes can be damaging to your brand (gasps in horror)

No one wants that, you've worked too hard to not big yourself up every step of the way

with the quality representation you deserve!

This won't hurt!  

Trust me, Personal Branding isn't anywhere near as scary as it sounds.

(No, really!)


Ok, I know you don't like having your photo taken. Neither do most of the people I photograph.

I don't even like it myself! 

(having my photo taken, not taking other people's photos, that would be silly)

But that does mean I have empathy for the people I work with

and it also means I know lots of tricks to make you feel comfortable,

look rather fab and dare I say it...

actually enjoy the experience (no, seriously!)

So... Whether you have an established brand and are simply in need of a new collection of images for your website and social platforms relevant or whether you are in the first exciting stages

of creating your brand, I can help you build a beautifully styled and thoughtfully

crafted set of images to bring your brand to life! 

If it still feels like a bit too much for you at the moment,

I can offer smaller shoots and split payments to help out!