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Personal Branding 

Marketing is based on emotions and relationships and more than ever before, customers are showing loyalty to businesses that they feel they can relate to, be inspired by and trust completely. Personal Branding is the way in which small business owners develop a brand that customers want to buy from.People are reassured when they feel that they know you. They want to know your story and the person or people behind the scenes. If you tell your story with authenticity, they will become excited by and invested in the vision and passion that you hold for your business and they will want to buy from you and importantly, will remain loyal to you.

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding photography is an important investment that involves the creation of a collection of images that represent you and your business. Crafted carefully to convey your unique message, the photographs are styled to allow people get to know the person or people behind the scenes, present your products or services according to your ethos that is behind them and encourage enthusiastic engagement in your social media posts, thus gaining a loyal following and truly invested customers.

These shoots can also be used for PR campaigns, news stories, blog entries and website content.

The inclusion of a branding/ editorial portrait in any PR, advertising or news literature is vital to add a personal aspect to the piece and therefore increase awareness and audience engagement. The images are created not just to illustrate the writing but to strengthen the impact on its audience.


Your individual story and targeted message will inform the shoot and therefore heavily influence the location,

backdrop, lighting and creative styling.

I have designed my personal branding shoots to support all small business owners, whether you have an established brand and are simply in need of a new collection of images for your online presence or whether you are in the first exciting stages of creating your brand. I am here to collaborate with you and help you build a beautifully styled and thoughtfully crafted set of images to bring your brand to life.

The shoot will give us the time to capture portraits of yourself and any key members of your team, should you have one. I will also help  style  working shots of your services being carried out or of your products being created. The images will be a beautiful window into everything that you do, that you are so passionate about

Your Personal Branding Shoot - £250

Before the shoot we will chat on the phone or via video, so that I can get to know a little about you, your business and your brand. Understanding the motivation behind your business will allow me to shoot in a way to deliver your brand's story, provoke feelings of inspiration and aspiration in those who view them and thus create a collection of images that will help you attract and maintain an engaging online following and loyal customer base. 

The shoot will incorporate a mixture of portraits in and outside of your work setting as well as images that show you busy at work, so that people can have a sense of knowing you and your brand.

The shoot itself will be up to 2 hours, which will give us time to capture each aspect of the collection whilst keeping it

 fun and relaxed. 

All of your carefully edited images will be delivered within two weeks of your shoot.

Optional extras such as video, make up artists etc can be arranged at extra cost.

To find out more, have a chat or book your shoot, please do get in contact