If you're a coworker and you work in the supportive environment of shared work space

or you have a small business unit?

you share your space so why not share my time?

As a sole traders or very small businesses you may feel that you wouldn't have enough visual content

to warrant a full shoot or perhaps it seems like an expense you could do without.

It's ok...

I totally get it, which is why I came up with the very simple idea of shared shoots.

Ooh that's clever! Nah, not really (ok, well maybe it's a bit clever)

You probably don't need an hour's shoot, you may only need a ten minute headshot session or

20 minutes to capture some branding shots showing you working, talking with clients

or colleagues, photos of your product, your vehicle, your process etc

Photos like these are vital in creating cohesive brand awarenessengaging social media posts

and a more visual online B2B networking presence but it still probably wouldn't be cost effective if you had to book a full branding shoot BUT...

Because they are affordable, quick  and convenient you can keep your socials and website branding bang up to date and relevant with regular top up shoots whenever you need them! (if you like!)


All you need to do is ask around and find one or more coworkers who need the same,

Then we can arrange a time for me to visit and do the shoots

Although prices may vary slightly, a ten minute headshot shoot which would give you

couple of professional portraits would cost about £35 and

a 20 minute shoot for portraits or other branding shots would be about £55.

If you can get two or three people together, I am happy to split my time and be there

for a full hour for £150 (all editing and the supply of digital images is included)

It really is that simple!

If you want to chat about the possibility of having a shoot or have any questions,

get yourself over to my contact page and we can chat

over what you need from a shoot and arrange a good time for me to visit!