It might be business but it's emotional Us humans make decisions based on emotion, even when we think we are being controlled by our heads!

So when you represent  your brand, you've got to engage your client's hearts...ahh

Even with the most sensible, grown up brands, people need to feel connection and trust

to work with you or buy from you and that's

where strong, professionally delivered brand specific images are vital

So, whether you need a general branding shoot to include up to date photos of your

visual branding, team members, buildings, products, services, vehicles and processes or you need

a specific shoot, such as recruitment or coverage of a special event, I can create the images you need.

I am used to working to tight briefs (sounds uncomfortable)

as well as being given the creative reigns on shoots and I can of course liaise with in house

team members or outsourced creative agencies, whichever works best for you.

If you think you'd like to work with me

(great choice by the way)

and would like a chat and a quote, please nip over to my contact page here

and we can discuss your assignment or arrange a site visit!