Wedding Albums

To be able to have your wedding Day photos on a memory stick, ready to upload and share is a wonderful entity.

However, there is nothing quite the same as a printed image, either in the form of a single print or a tactile album. 

A treasure trove of memories that you can pick up and gently open, any time you want to, to relive the joys of your special day. Viewing images in a digital format is convenient when we are out and about but to be able to have quiet moments at home, either alone or with our closets friends and family, to be able to chat and reminisce. To have a beautiful keepsake to show younger members of our families in years to come. There is nothing as precious as a printed photo and I would therefore encourage all of my clients to consider the investment.

I have selected two albums to offer couples. Both are from some of the top album creators in the UK. 

The images are chosen by you, the layout designed by myself and the album hand crafted and finished by the craftspeople at Folio or Loxley, depending on your choice of album.

Folio Fine Art Album

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.48.19.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.54.08.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.48.30.png

The Folio Fine Art Album is a stunning square 12"x12" album consisting of matte fine art paper. It is of a lay flat construction with an almost invisible middle crease. The album boasts 100% cotton covers in a range of colours from fresh pastels through to statement bolds. The covers can also accommodate text if you wish to have your names and the date of your marriage on the front.


These really are beautiful albums and the archival qualities of the paper and inks will keep your photos and memories safe for many years to come.

Your album is packed in a cotton slip cover and a beautiful cardboard box which can be upgraded to a bamboo box if desired.

6"x6" copies of your main album can be purchased for family members to cherish also.

Loxley Fine Art Album

Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 11.48.13.jpg

The Loxley Fine Art Album is a beautiful landscape album of 12'x10'. It has a fabulous lay flat design and is crafted using exquisite paper to keep your prints fresh and safe for years to come. 


The landscape layout gives a little more versatility to the design process if you wish to have a more fluid layout for your images


The covers are a tactile linen or smooth shimmer finish and come in a wonderful choice of colours. Text can be added to the front cover, if you would like your names and wedding date at the start of your album.

10"x7" copies of your album are available to order for close friends or family.

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You may or may not decide to invest in an album but if you do, you will be consulted throughout the process to ensure that your album is to your exact requirements and something that you will cherish forever. Many couples ask for donations towards the album as their wedding presents, which is a great option for couples and their guests too, or you may like to just wait until after all of the excitement of the day has settled before you make your decision.

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