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About Julia


Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me. I think that when you are hiring a photographer, it's good to know a little about them, so you can decide if they are the right person to work with.



I've been a professional photographer for ten years and in that time, I have been privileged to work on some really exciting commercial assignments, for a very varied range of businesses. I love meeting new people and I have a passion for capturing a journey and telling a unique story, whether I am working with a sole trader

or with a whole team in a large corporation.


Before working in the business sector, I had many happy years capturing weddings, family events, lifestyle and portrait shoots, all of which gave me valuable transferable skills, such as working in unpredictable, time restrained situations, constant changes in lighting, working in both quiet and very busy environments and being relaxed and confident in putting clients them at ease to achieve great resulting images.

Branding photography is all about understanding your clients journey and feeling a passion for it yourself, so that you can depict it in images for them. There is no business without humans making decisions, creating ideas and transforming them into reality and to be able to help to tell these stories through creating strong, unique images, is what I love about my work.

am so grateful to be able to work at something that continually excites and inspires me and to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful characters, many of whom allow me to coax them gently through being photographed when it's something that they may not find easy!

Living in Rochester, a beautiful city in Kent, I am close to the M2 and M20 meaning that I can easily access

all parts of Kent and London, although I can work further afield if required.

If you would like to work with me, please do get in touch